Aimee N Youngs

Welcome and thank you for visiting my site.  I hope you’ve had a chance to check out some of my portfolio pieces in the categories under ‘Graphic Design’.  Over the years, I’ve been honored to gain experience working with a wide variety of clients, from in-house positions to agencies, permanent to freelance.  Working remotely for many clients, projects have ranged anywhere from a tiny icon to a full-blown marketing campaign.  I’ve also designed and written for both digital and print formats.  

I enjoy supporting businesses with their ongoing design needs, such as design for web and printed graphics, as well as content writing and management.  I have also developed course content and video materials for training, plus have written instructional materials for various industries.

With every project, my goal is to improve the professional look and feel, stand out in a busy market, and offer good return on investment.  Your projects are guaranteed to be successful in communicating the message, while making an impact on your target market.

My skills include:

  • Digital Design 
    • Web Design
    • Email/Newsletters
    • Online Ad Design
    • Social Media Graphics
    • Presentations
    • Video Editing
    • HTML/CSS
    • SEO Best Practices
  • Print Design 
    • Branding Strategy and Design
    • Event Collateral (large-scale signage, invitations, programs, etc)
    • Editorial/Content Layout (ie, brochures, ebooks, white papers, etc)
  • Instructional
    • Instructional/Content Writing
    • Curriculum Development
    • Course Design
    • Graphic Design Adjunct Instructor at Miami Arts Design Education (M.A.D.E.)
    • 2D Art and Design Teacher (students from K-8)
    • Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher
  • Additional Skills
    • Illustration (digital and hand-drawn art)
    • Photography

My education includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, with Minor in Advertising from the School of Visual Arts, NY, and also a Master of Professional Studies in Instructional Design.  Additionally, I completed a Certificate in Copywriting, as well as a Digital Video Editing Course.  I’ve also recently completed a Certificate as a Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher.

I am currently open to taking on small projects, continuous contract or permanent work.

Aimee is a Graphic Designer & Marketing Specialist who lives in South Florida. She’s passionate about illustration, art, traveling, food/cooking, nature, and meditation.

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